To Prevent Divorce
 Requires Two-way Communication
Your Marriage Depends on
How Effective You Are

What can you do to prevent divorce? Divorce rates are skyrocketing and it is becoming common as a way to solve the problems that arise when two separate personalities start having conflicts in their marriage.

Unfortunately in the majority of cases, when starting over with a new relationship the same problems come up. The same patterns repeat themselves, the only thing that has changed are the names.

You Both Could Be Sending Out
But Not Receiving Each Other’s Signals

There are methods to use to solve the problems as they start. To stop them before they become too large and the only seeming course of action is the divorce court.

What is usually lacking in the marriage is true communication. True communication means:



Often when trying to express love, we will physically do to our partner what we actually would want them to do to us. Listen by paying attention to these little signals. Does your partner massage your neck and shoulders when you are seated at the breakfast table? He/she is expressing love. Do you see it that way? Can you possibly reciprocate?

How is your partner expressing love to you? Are you getting the signal?

Your Marriage is More Than Just a Legal Contract
Find a Lawyer Who Will
Communicate, Listen and Understand


But if it has come to the point where there seems no alternative than to divorce, try to find a divorce lawyer who takes a holistic approach to divorce. You are more than your marriage, and your marriage is more than a legal contract. There are feelings involved, issues and decisions to be made that will change your life for years to come.

You need a lawyer who will try to help you resolve the issues that brought you to this point so you won’t repeat the pattern again.

You may want to try divorce mediation. Both you and your spouse meet with a mediator who is neutral. He cannot give advice, nor can he represent either of you in court. All three of you will talk with an open and free exchange of information.

The benefits of mediation are:

Perhaps we can find a way to prevent divorce.

Robert Sedgwick