Legal Child


Legal Child Custody
If You Cannot Agree,
The Judge will Decide for You

It is a sad thing when there is a battle for legal child custody.

Divorce is difficult for all parties involved, but more so for minor children. The Superior Court of California puts the child’s interests as the State’s priority. The Court tries to do whatever is possible to lessen the emotional trauma to the child.

In a divorce or custody arrangement, it is best that you and your spouse come to a mutual agreement about where the child will live and how you will share your parenting responsibilities. If you cannot agree, then the decisions will be made by the Court.

When making a determination as to legal child custody, the Court takes into consideration:

All of these things are taken into consideration, keeping paramount the health, safety and welfare of your child.

Visitation: If you can reach an agreement as to visitation, usually the Court will approve it, but the final decision will be the judge’s. This agreement sometimes is called a “parenting plan”, a “time-share plan” or a stipulation for custody/visitation.

A custody and visitation order can be made when:


A Mediator Can Lessen
Your Child's
Emotional Trauma

You may want to try divorce mediation. Both you and your spouse meet with a mediator who is neutral. He can give recommendations but cannot represent either of you in court. All three of you will talk with an open and free exchange of information.

The benefits of mediation are:

Robert Sedgwick has over twenty years of experience as a divorce attorney and as a mediator. He takes pride in the fact that the vast majority of his cases are resolved before they go to court.

If you are looking for an experienced mediator, or an attorney who believes in a holistic approach to divorce, please call (916) 608-8804.

Perhaps we can solve the problem of legal child custody. Your child will benefit if you and your spouse put your child's interest as your priority.